Situated on the National Highway bordering Delhi, Fuji Gemco has one of the most modern and largest manufacturing facilities in North India with in-house fabrication, metal treatment, Powder Coating, Designs, Assembly, Testing, Software development and customer training center. There exists a well-trained team of Engineers who handle the most complex drive requirements completely. All drafting needs are addressed through computers.

Engineering Capabilities

Proven Capabilities for Complete plan Engineering Project Management for Power Controls & Automations for Industrial Processes

Detailed joint study and discussions Involving Mill Builder, Consultant, Operational staff to understand the functional requirement and scope well in advance to avoid error and delays during start up.

  • Time Tested Solution ensure start ups in short time
  • Simple Assemblies using standard Products for easy Maintenance
  • Flexibility in use of hardware of reputed makes us per user’s Preference for system Integration
  • Highly experienced and Trained Engineers to manage the project and start up