DC Drives & Controls

DC Drives & Controls

Our digital convertors are dedicated for industrial applications in which good static, dynamic performance and independent controls of speed, acceleration, torque, tension etc. are essential

Salient features:

  • Rugged design
  • Dependable performance
  • Easy troubleshooting & maintenance
  • High overload capabilities Class-IV duty
  • High operating temperature ~ 50 degrees
  • Precise speed regulations and fast controlled response
  • Profibus/Ethernet communication
  • Inbuilt circuit breaker
  • Inbuild line chokes
  • DC voltage, current, RPM meter
  • Multi-Drive system with: 
    • Cascade control
    • Progressive draw
    • Master slave operation
    • Load Sharing
    • Tension Control
  • Extensive, multi-function programmable I/O with over 36 digital/analogue input/output combinations
  • Built-in backlit LCD display

Protections & self – diagnostic

All our products are equipped with protection against various abnormalities with clear indications. Various alarm levels programmable through serial line include:

  • Excessive/Insufficient three-phase line voltage
  • Phase currents unbalancing (fuse failures/current ripples)
  • External/Internal motor protection (over-loading, thermal etc.)
  • Unbalancing between reference and motor speed
  • Unbalancing between armature voltage and speed
  • Synchronism ramp error
  • Thyristor firing pulse error
  • EEPROM writing error, wrong parameters
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