Soft Starter

Gemco manufactures Heavy duty Solid State Automatic Battery Chargers with high reliability for various critical applications like Power Stations, Railways, Emergency supplies etc.The Battery chargers are Thyristor controlled with float, Boost, Trickle charge features and all essential protections.

The standard chargers are 30V 50 Amps, 110V 200A, 220V 300A and constant current charges upto 600 Amps.

Microprocessor based heavy duty Soft Starters from Gemco are highly reliable and rugged using sophisticated controllers from Fairford UK, with most advanced features, which makes them an instant selection leading to innumerable benefits.

Salient Features

  • Continuous display of motor phase current & control status
  • Easily changed parameter settings via keypad
  • Peak starting current recording
  • User adjustable overload
  • Last 5 trips recording
  • 110/230V control supply
  • User selectable built-in application specific settings
  • Isolated control inputs – 24V DC 230V AC for start/stop or user programmable
  • Current limit time out – optional trip or continue
  • Undercurrent trip level or delay: 0-1 x FLC
  • Adjustable optimizing response rate
  • Adjustable starting current limit control
  • Separately adjustable ramp up/down times from 1 sec to 240 seconds
  • Adjustable kick start for high break away torque applications
  • Fully adjustable pedestal voltage
  • User adjustable shearpin
  • Control of resistive loads
  • Thermistor trip input
  • 4-20mA input for monitoring
  • DC input for monitoring
  • Optional Serial Communications
  • IP 20 Rating
  • An Alphanumeric Digital Display with soft keys for monitoring of operating and setup parameters

Advantages of Gemco Soft Starter

  • Reduction in high starting currents
  • Elimination of inrush currents
  • Smooth, stepless acceleration to full speed
  • Snatch free starting removing mechanical stress
  • Extended contactor life
  • Reduced wear on mechanical transmission components
  • Automatic energy optimizing
  • Improved power factor at light loads, reduced kVA demand
  • Suitable for all types of induction motor
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