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PLC & SCADA Systems

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Introducing our latest PLCs, designed to bring your automation processes to new heights. From advanced diagnostics and self-tuning capabilities to seamless integration with other systems, our PLCs are engineered for modern industrial environments. This building-block type controller enables flexible system construction and scalability with applications ranging from high-speed, high-precision motion systems to duplicated monitoring and control systems.


High Speed cpu

CPU Response Time: 6ns

Yes, nano-seconds!

Open network

Profibus/Ethernet etc.

High Speed Link

SX-Net: 1Gbps, 128KW
E-SX Bus: 100Mbps, 4KW

Redundant System

1:1 warm-standby feature

Synchronization b/w buses

Our systems are equipped with Fuji Observer Theory Technology, a patented implementation featuring impact drop compensation, enhanced accuracy, and numerous other advanced control functions.